About Gusty

Who am I? Honestly, I'm not sure...

A gust of wind travelling the lanes

After high school I though about what I loved to do the most and I immediately realized what I wanted to do. I have always drawn and wrote countless stories, but I never though too much about it, it was just a hobby among others.
Until I entered the Pivaut Art School and started learning things that I didn't even know I could do!

I am amazed by every class I study in, and still have a hard time processing how much incredibly useful and interesting information I learned in my first year. I cannot wait for next year and I keep putting my heart into every work I do, whether it is for school or myself, because I love every part of the process of drawing, painting and experimenting new techniques.

As a child, sharing the stories I created was impossible because neither my writing nor my drawing were able to transmit them the exact way they appeared in my brain. It is still the case today, but I am getting closer every year to clearly representing the worlds I love so much, so I hope one day I can share them with others!